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Revolution Day

Revolution Day album cover

Revolution Day ( 2014, Album )

Revolution Day finally does justice to the unique raw acoustic sound of this stand alone outfit! Recorded in a sweltering 40 degree January at Redhouse rammed-earth studio in alice springs, you can almost taste the sweat dripping of the fretboards as the kick drum and violin kick into gear and send you out onto the dancefloor! Desert shimmer and funk cruises across this wild landscape weaving images of struggle joy and hope. A full ten songs down and your hips are aching and your heart soaring.

What they said

Their rendition of AC/DC's 'You Shook Me All Night Long' is postively angelic!Megan Spencer, ABC Radio (2014)

The latest album from Acoustic Dance Hall duo Super Raelene Bros is a celebration of small town desert life and places familiar to anyone who's spent time in Central Australia.

The stand out song is without a doubt the anthemic and uplifting title track ’Revolution Day’. Its purposeful, marching beat and evocative lyrics capture the essence of this album. At times these songs remind me of acoustic British punk band The Alarm or early Fleetwood Mac. There's also a haunting and memorable acoustic version of ACDC’s 'You shook me all night long'.

A lot of care and attention to detail has gone into the recording of this album, yet it is sparing in its extra instrumentation - a little bit of bass and some overdubbed vocals. But it's mostly just acoustic guitar, violin, tambourine and a kick drum. Fans of their live shows won't be disappointed.

This whole album is a celebration, delivered with passion and guts and almost without a single minor chord. The songs resonate with life in the desert and the album makes a great soundtrack for a long drive down a dusty highway.

Liam Campbell, P.A.W Media Central Australia (July 2014)
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